Visual Rockstars

High end film productions.

In 2009 we saw the need for a high end film production company with a diverse team of professional creatives. 

We started bringing talent together within the company of Visual Rockstars. Since the establishment of Visual Rockstars the team has travelled the world to produce campaigns, commercials, tv formats and more  for a wide array of clients.  With the bigger picture in mind the directors, cinematic story tellers, talented editors and color graders create in close collaboration the best imagery to support. By setting the trend of higher production values even for smaller budgets, we created a shift in the market.

As technology has evolved and reduced in price it has enabled new talent to rise to the occasion. Thereby the let market of equipment has seen a rapid increase of businesses making the best professional equipment even more accessible. We decided to take a break from Visual Rockstars as a film company at an absolute high point after 9 very successful years. By redefining the business, the core of Visual Rockstars is now partly managed by Ad-Agency Beerquay, to mainly guide and advice other production leaders to get the best possible results as there is a demand for creative content and organization skills. 

An example of ‘Visual Rockstars’ work for external clients is the latest production for Raceplanet.



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