Story behind the Ignjat Miletic Company

It all started in 1995 when a motivated and creatieve young Ignjat Miletic of 15 began to write chalk writings to advertise for small cafés and businesses. After a little while the chalkboards or windows were traded for a digitalized version. Constantly trying to improve and stay ahead of the curve.

Much later in the field and experienced enough he progressed to work for several outstanding ad agencies. Gaining an even broader set of skills. His knowledge about every aspect within the world of advertising and marketing was key to take on the role as art & creative director. Building and strengthening different companies was the main objectieve. 

As from 2009 Ignjat decided to start his own company with several self developed brands under the name of ‘Ignjat Miletic Company’. At this moment ‘Ignjat Miletic Company’ counts 6 different brands with a strong brand identity or history.

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